domenica 12 giugno 2011

We all remember Eli

In memory of a genius

Let me just spend few words to commemorate Eli Goldratt, who died yesterday June 11th. 
The founder of the TOC spent his life promoting much more than a business approach: he taught a way of live based on very few and powerful principles:
  • people are good
  • life is always happy and worthy
  • there is no problem you can solve if you wish and if you apply your mind to it 

I had personally the chance to meet him personally twice and both time I've been surprised by the clarity of his gaze, in any sense.

I was a true giant on whose shoulder we, the dwarfs, could hope to stand to see clearer in our future.

Thanks Eli. We will always remember you and your lesson. And hope we could deserve to use your studies in the right way.

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